Calling card or Phone card

A telephone card, calling card or phone card for short, is a small plastic card, sized and shaped like a credit card, used to pay for telephone services. It is not necessary to have the physical card except with a stored-value system; knowledge of the access telephone number to dial and the PIN is sufficient. Standard cards which can be purchased and used without any sort of account facility give a fixed amount of credit and are discarded when used up; rechargeable cards can be topped up, or collect payment in arrears. The system for payment and the way in which the card is used to place a telephone call vary from card to card.

Social Security

Wondering what in the world this card is and why everyone has to have your number? You can’t get a checking account, a credit card, or other things you desperately need without one. Confused and don’t understand what in the world this card is and how to get one? Don’t be!
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Credit card terms

The language of credit cards can be very confusing for those not steeped in financial argot. From A to Z, we’re here to help.
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Social Security Card

A Social Security number and card is used by the government to keep track of earnings and witholdings. The Social Security witholdings are disbursed to people who have retired or are disabled. » read more


Banking on the Future

Most Americans who pay bills, save or invest money, pay taxes, or plan estates, do so through a financial institution such as a bank, credit union or savings and loan.

Banking saves you from having to keep or carry around a large amount of cash, which can tempt thieves. Banking also provides convenience and most financial institutions allow you to earn interest on your money.

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Checking and Savings accounts

Checking and savings accounts are the two most popular types of deposit accounts banks offer. Checking accounts allow you to write checks or use debit cards against the balance of your account. Merchants generally treat transactions paid for by debit card or check as if they were cash transactions. This means you will not owe interest on anything paid for by check or debit card. » read more


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